Broughton Church

St Mary's - Broughton

St. Mary's is on Church Road to Yorton Heath out of the village of Yorton and set in the peaceful country-side of North Shropshire. There is a myth that the original St. Mary's was to be built on Broughton Bank but the Devil rolled the stones made ready for the building down the bank and the church was then built where they rested. This was a low wet area which often flooded and the church was demolished and rebuilt on its present dry site in 1859.

St. Mary's is a beautiful simple church with colour for the plain diamond glass windows provided by the Yew trees and the Beech trees in the grave -yard and the surrounding countryside. There is a feeling of nature's peace and quietness that gives a comforting 'air' of God's presence. The graveyard and church area are kept in immaculate condition by willing helpers and attracts many country walkers to sit and rest with their lunch packs.

We are an extremely welcoming and friendly church well known for great coffee mornings, some held in the near by pub.  Other great social events are organised throughout the year, such as Songs of Praise at Sandsaw Hall gardens, flower festivals and musical evenings. Our church members come from a wide area and hold out a hand of friendship to all and are very supportive to one another. We regularly attract back to our services many members who have moved to live in others parts of the country.

We have recently repaired our two church bells to full ringing order, one bell is dated 1719 and the other dates back to the 13th century, one of the oldest in the country! We have also established 'Friends of St. Mary's' whose annual gifts help defray the cost of those many requirements of an active church and also go to maintaining the graveyard to a high standard.

We welcome you all to our services that are held at the following times:-

1st Sunday
2nd Sunday
3rd Sunday
4th Sunday

8.30am Holy Communion
3.00pm Evensong, 6.00pm in Summer
8.30am Holy Communion
8.30am Matins

On the 5th Sunday we seek to affirm our unity as a group by holding a special united service:

5th Sunday

10.30am Group Communion Service (one service in each parish church by turn)

St Mary’s is a wonderful setting to affirm your love for each other before God and your family and friends. We are here to support and advise you through your time of planning for your wedding, and also in your future life as husband and wife.
The Church has a beautiful, peaceful simplicity and can seat about 90 people.
The cost of a wedding at St Mary’s currently ranges from £400.50 (which includes the calling of the Banns, the Organist, the Rehearsal and the Service itself) to £440.50 if you are having the service videoed. Flowers are a separate item which we can give guidance about.

Baptisms take place in our normal Sunday worship, when we welcome a new member into our church family.